今天,CS:Promod新版官方网站如期而至。昔日的深蓝色风格全部废弃,改用比较亮丽的红白灰色调。另外,CSP Beta 1.04版也将于近日发布,和以往一样安装版和绿色解压版同步发布。


  After months of development, and much hard work on the part of CSPromod team members Mike “d0ublethink” Askin (Development Manager), Ludovic “alba” Slangen (Art Director), and Steven “Biohaz4rd” Weathers (Web Developer), we’re very pleased to present the new and improved CSPromod.com. As we move closer and closer to the long-awaited release of CSP Beta 1.04, the community’s constant involvement, input, and participation will be come increasingly more crucial to this project’s success.

  CSPromod represents the Counter-Strike community’s first opportunity to tweak, polish, and improve a version of the game that we can truly call our very own. What most people don’t realize is that code-wise, CSPromod isn’t really a modification at all: it’s 100% custom-coded from the ground up, and only uses graphical assets, such as models and textures, from CS:Source. Because of this, CSPromod really is – with no exaggeration – completely customizable and fully capable of growing into whatever we all want it to be. Best of all, because the code is 100% custom, CSPromod’s gameplay can be preserved and ported from engine to engine as time goes by.


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    是该来个新的了 1.6 很久了

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