• Cheat-flagged mat_diffuse, mat_crosshair_explorer, mat_showlowresimage, mat_drawtexture and mat_showlightmappage
  • Made the T player model as thick as the CT one
  • Tweaked the T player model head to be more square-like
  • Tweaked grenade gravity and origin to fix grenades flying too high
  • Tweaked AK-47 and M4A1 accuracy
  • Tweaked Glock 18 rate of fire
  • Tweaked pistol crosshair expansion (WIP)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed engine network bugs caused by alt-tab and similar actions (invisible or out-of-place players, swapped player models, …)
  • Fixed mp_restartgame not working during freezetime
  • Fixed in-air multi-ducking prohibition kicking in on ladders
  • Fixed issue where players would spawn in the middle of a map
  • Fixed possible net settings related crashes
  • Fixed out-of-the-box VALVe SDK physics crashes
  • Fixed player occupying the last slot in the server not showing up on the scoreboard
  • Fixed some typos in the main localization template (English)
  • Fixed in-game name being reset to Steam Friend name (and added “setname” ConCommand)
  • Fixed 7.1 surround sound option

Tweaks/Minor Changes

  • Added scrim/lo3 config files
  • Defaulted g_ragdoll_maxcount to 32
  • Improved some proportionality handling with screen panels
  • Optimized a small portion of the net_graph code
  • Tweaked scoreboard background colors and fixed an overlapping pixel line at last CT or Spectator player
  • Updated server config file

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  1. Roba:eek: 还没买 css
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  3. 大大的小蜗牛其实可以叫ver 1.5.1。
  4. kk3962832281.5玩了一下 不怎么滴
    • hahaha傻×,1.5是cs的版本吧promod是1.05
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