QPAD发布ESWC2011 CT鼠标垫

  作为电子竞技世界杯ESWC独家鼠标垫合作伙伴,今天瑞典外设厂商QPAD正式推出纪念款ESWC 2011 CT鼠标垫。ESWC2011锦标赛吸引了来自世界各地150个国家和地区的顶尖选手和电竞爱好者参赛,总决赛将于10月21日-25日在法国巴黎Paris Expo展览中心法国游戏周举行,比赛项目包括CS1.6、CS1.6女子组、CS:S、FIFA2011、赛道狂飙·国家永恒、Dota2和星际争霸2·自由之翼,各项目比赛的优胜者将瓜分20万美元总奖金。

  对于ESWC2011纪念款CT鼠标垫的发布,QPAD执行官Christer Körnbäck表示:



About QPAD

  QPAD is an international brand developing lifestyle products and peripherals for the gaming market. QPAD was founded in 1994 and is today also a sponsor of electronic sports. For more information: www.qpad.com

About ESWC

  The Electronic Sports World Cup is a worldwide competition of video games, starting locally with national qualifying, to end with a World Final gathering all the cyberathletes and designed as a live show. The ESWC has been created by a French team, and has grown as an independent and innovative project, representing gamers and online communities. ESWC is part and pioneer of the electronic sports international movement. ESWC federates company as non-profit organization all over the world; all convinced that video games champions are genuine athletes, precursors of their generation and the new sports of the XXIst century. ESWC is an international protected trademark and patent, owned by Games Solution since 2009, French company supported by the Group Coutant Finances. For more information: www.eswc.com

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