mTw阵容生变 minet取代mJe


  继9月24日《老将whiMp退役 mTw招入trace》后,Muhamed “MJE” Eid同样因学业问题进入不活动状态。


  不过,虽然Eid已对CS心生倦意,但是并没有退役,只是暂时的离开,其位置将有来自丹麦老牌战队Spirit of Amiga的天才选手——Martin “trace” Heldt的昔日队友——Oliver “minet” Minet取代。

Alexander “ave” Holdt
Danny “zonic” Sørensen
Christoffer “Sunde” Sunde
Martin “trace” Heldt
Oliver “minet” Minet New!
Muhamed “MJE” Eid(不活动状态)


mymTw: What’s your name, Nickname, and where do you come from?
Oliver ‘minet Minet: Oliver Minet, minet, Denmark, Aarhus

mymTw: Why do you think did mTw choose you as a new teammate for the WCG?
‘minet’: I’m not sure, I think it’s because I’m still developing my skills… I’m still a young player.

mymTw: In which teams did you play so far?
‘minet’: There’s a lot, the best must be PlayZeek & Mirror.p00n.

mymTw: What is you favorite map and weapon in CS?
‘minet’: train, ak47.

mymTw: What do you expect from playing with the danish power house of mTw?
‘minet’: I expect a lot of good experiences, develop my self as a CS 1.6 player and of course win a lot of big tournaments (laughs)

mymTw: Who is your favorite player in the team?
‘minet’: Martin ‘trace’ Heldt, most of all because we played together in Mirror.p00nhandlers, and I feel like I can learn a lot from him.

mymTw: How will you influence the playing style of mTw in your opinion?
‘minet’: We’ve seen in teams like SK and fnatic, that new players bring motivation to the game, and hopefully I will bring the same.. Regarding the playing style I don’t think there’s going to be too much changes atm, since we have WCG on saturday.

mymTw: What’s your favorite food, tv show and female actor?
‘minet’: Kebab, Dexter and Megan Fox

mymTw: What do you expect for the upcoming events like SLAP and WCG? Will you be able to win those?
‘minet’: I think we got the role as favourites, and I expect nothing less then victories.

mymTw: Who do you think will be the biggest opponent at SLAP?
‘minet’: SoA

mymTw: You have already played together with trace, do you think this will help all of you guys to grow together as a team?
‘minet’: Of course it helps that we’ve been playing together in the past, but I’m really looking forward to know the other guys.

mymTw: The stage is yours, do you want to say any words to your new fans at
‘minet’: Thanks to the sponsors, fans – that’s mine to win. and mTw for this huge opportunity!

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