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  IEM5全球总决赛即将于3月1日至5日在德国汉诺威CeBIT会展举行。通过挑战赛以及预选赛选拔后,来自世界各地的12支顶尖战队将齐聚一堂。目前,IEM5总决赛分组奖金分配已经公布。为了让玩家能更好的了解各参赛队近期变化及备战情况,cnFrag.com在赛前进行了系列采访。今天向大家介绍的是北美劲旅Evil Geniuses,场上指挥Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman在接受采访时谈到了lurppis离开后的变化以及将去德国柏林集训备战。

Ni hao,我叫Andrew "Irukandji" Timmerman,22岁,是Evil Geniuses的场上队长。





首先谢谢我们的赞助商:Intel、SteelSeries、Kingston、MSI、Bigfoot Networks,希望2011年能重游中国!

Hello Drew, thanks for taking the time to do the interview, and let’s start things off by introducing yourself to the Chinese fans here.
Ni hao, my name is Andrew Timmerman (alias Irukandji) and I am the 22 year old in-game leader for Evil Geniuses.

You are one of the best strat callers in North America when you were playing for x3o/coL, and now you are playing EG. Do you think there is any difference in the atmosphere and style between EG and coL?
Well, some of the old school guys on EG have a different way of approaching certain scenarios and situations, but it's worked really well so far as we've been able to mesh together a few different ideas and styles of play. The atmosphere on EG and coL are both really light and enjoyable to play in during practice so no complaints there either. I am also definitely really excited to be on EG as an organization because it really doesn't get any better for an American gamer.

You replaced lurppis, who was often given the credit of bring EG back into a top-tier team after their comeback from CGS. What fresh element of tactics and strat-calling you will bring into EG and do you think the EG under your command will be different from before?
Well, like I said before, we are mixing together some different ideas, but I'm not looking to come in and completely change around how the team approaches the game. My main goal for the team is to make sure that we are versatile enough in our tactics yet resolute enough in our mental approach so that we can handle anything we face. With that said, however, I think people who've watched my teams and EG before will see a few long-standing strats, but also quite a lot of new ones that we're implementing.

In the upcoming IEM5 Global Finals, you guys are placed in a tough group with some of the best teams in the world such as NaVi,SK and fnatic. What will be your goal coming into the tournament? What teams do you think will be the biggest obstacles in group stage? Are you guys watching the demos of other teams in preparation for the tournament?
Well, to start, yes we've started watching demos not really to anti-strat, but more to understand the tendencies and play styles of the teams we'll face. We're boot-camping before the event in Berlin, but I doubt we'll get any good ideas about how the teams in our group will play from that. We obviously want to get out of group play with as strong of a record as possible, but I can firmly say that we're not going to Europe in hopes of only making Top 6. All the teams in our group, and in the other group for that matter, are all extremely strong so we have to focus as hard as possible for each match, but, like every other team at the event, our primary goal is finishing on the podium.

Jordan just had been banned in ESEA for sharing account; do you think this event will affect your team’s practice schedule? Do you think EG will be able to get enough preparation with scriming off-client and practicing on custom maps for ESEA matches?
Well, the problem isn't that he's banned, but it's that ESEA League has chosen to set de_lite and de_hell as the maps for the two weeks before the event meaning it's been extremely hard for us to find scrimmages on the main 5 maps. We're doing all we can and just hoping that we can get the most out of our boot-camp.

Any last words or comments you want to give to the Chinese eSports community?
Just want to thank our sponsors: Intel, SteelSeries, Kingston, MSi, and Bigfoot Networks and say I hope to get to go back to China again in 2011!

Again thanks so much for doing the interview. We are looking forward to see your action at Germany. Good Luck in the tournament!
Thank you!

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